Food Safety

We as a team at Fresh Cutz have Food Safety ingrained into every aspect of our business. From field to fork we strive to ensure that our product is safe.

Starting at the Field, our approved suppliers are all GAP certified. Approved produce vendors follow “Good Agricultural Practices” Products must conform to documented FreshCutz specifications upon receiving at our docks.

At the Plant we continue the safety process

Entire facility is all temperature controlled and monitored 24 hours day. Employee hygiene, GMP and Safety training are conducted continuously throughout the year. “Good Manufacturing Practices” are enforced, evaluated and we continuously train our staff to ensure that they are “up to speed” on GMP’s.

State-of-the-art production facility and equipment designed with Food Safety First. Building layout reduces chances of Cross Contamination. Extensive pest control system managed by 3rd party.

Daily Sanitation conducted by trained staff, guided by a documented Sanitation Procedure. We ensure our Sanitation by conducting microbial testing of contact and non-contact surfaces. We don’t start production unless we get green lights on all testing points.


Q.A team has developed a HACCP system. Key points in the process are automated, however they need to be continuously monitored and verified by Q.A staff. Standard operating procedures are also conducted, monitored and verified by q.a staff.

Quality Assurance

Monitor, evaluate and record Raw Materials, Process, Finished Product and most important Employee actions in the plant for GMP’s and Employee Safety. We hold back retainers from each lot of product produced. Product Recall system in place. Self-Audit system in place conducted by 3rd party. We use an out side lab to verify Finished Product, Equipment contact surfaces, non-contact surfaces and Environmental.

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